What are the possible Side-effects or health hazards of Testosterone Cypionate?

The acuteness of side-effects is dependent mostly upon the duration and the levels of circulating free testosterone as well as its conversion into other hormones along with androgenic and anabolic effects or side-effects that depend on dosage. But its remarkable effects is in muscle building effect with higher dosage. Testosterone is the best known mass building anabolic, which is very effective for men if the dosage of the drug is between 200 to 2000 mg per week (women who don’t masculine mass building should avoid this compound and consult a physician before taking this compound if required anyway).

Testosterone Cypionate can be seen converting into both Estrogen (via aromatization) and Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Excessive estrogen can be detrimental and lead to Gynecomastia or breast tissue growth in men and this kind of trouble may be compiled with loss of sex drive, fat gaining and reduced fat breakdown, water retention and testicular shrinkage. The retention of water can aggravate blood pressure affecting blood vessels in due course. But the estrogenic side-effects can be stopped by using a class of drugs which may stop testosterone from converting to estrogen known as ‘aromatization’. The testicular shrinkage can be prevented by using HCG during a testosterone cycle.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) can be a potential cause for male pattern baldness and acne as well.

The natural release of the hormones in one’s body may be hindered by excessive supplementing of Testosterone.

Testosterone Cypionate can inter-act with 5-alpha-reductase enzyme and by doing so, the process can convert testosterone to a more androgenic form of the parent hormone called DHT. This DHT can cause prostate leading to renal problems.

Testosterone cypionate helps to gain in strength (1) and alterations of size, shape and appearance of the muscle can be also possible (2). It is to be noted down that the higher dosage of Testosterone Cypionate is used, the better the results. There might be potential side-effects for higher amounts of androgens in the body at its higher usage (3). Studies relating to the usage of 600 mg dosage per week have revealed that this dosage amount produces greater results like loss of fat, growth of muscle mass, lowered HDL cholestorel, and increased size and strength. Testosterone Replacement Therapy helps gaining 15% muscle mass through 20 weeks of usage of 600 mg per week.