Symtoms of low HGH

Symptoms of low HGH:

  • Fat gaining
  • Wrinkles
  • Thinning of hair
  • Lean muscle mass
  • Cardiovascular ailments
  • Loss of sex strength
  • Loss of memory
  • Loss of bone density
  • Loss of immunity system
  • Increase cholestorel

Aging causes a lot of health problems apart from the few above-mentioned. When the latest studies have recorded that the overall life-expectancy has increased thanks to the rapid development of the medicine world, the ailments resulting from the aging-factors need to be eliminated. At this point of thought, the necessity of the release of the endocrine hormone was found mandatory. That is why the progression of HGH produced by a recombinant or synthetic DNA technology has taken place and the development processes on the previous HGH have still been continuing. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the government regulatory authority controlling and overseeing the effects and possible side-effects emanating from the application of HGH products like the HGH Injections.

Testosterone Cypionate Price

Testosterone cypionate is very popular among athletes and bodybuilders. Testosterone cypionate has been found to be an oil-based long-acting form of injectable anabolic-androgenic steroid first produced in the United States of America. Because of beneficial effects of testosterone cypionate in muscle mass building and a complete well-being of its users, testosterone cypionate proves to be more than popular and fashion.

Testosterone Cypionte is available in the pharmaceutical market in various brand names as they follow:

Depo Testosterone Cypionate

Chemical Name: Testosterone Cypionate
Drug Class: Injectable Anabolic Steroid
Brand Name: Depo Testosterone
Active Ingredient: Testosterone
Manufacturer: Pharmacia/UpJohn
Pacakge Quantity: 200 mg/ml
Usage: Injectable

Watson Testosterone Cypionate

Chemical Name: Testosterone Cypionate
Drug Class: Injectable Aanbolic Steroid
Brand Name: Testosterone CYP 200 mg/ml
Active Ingredient: Testosterone
Manufacturer: Watson Labs
Pacakage Quantity: 200 mg/ml
Usage: Injectable

Testosterone Cypionate for Sale

Testosterone Cypionate has been found to be a dearie among Americans and athletes for its indigenous production. Testosterone Cypionate is a synthesized anabolic and androgenic hormone which is oil-based long-acting injectable. Testosterone Cypionate has got popularity because of its convenient administration intervals and process. The users of testosterone cypionate need get it administered once or twice in a week, that will keep the testosterone level elevated for about a couple of weeks at least.

Chemical Name: Testosterone Cypionate
Drug Class: Injectable Anabolic Steroid

Properties of Testosterone Cypionate:

  • This (testosterone cypionate) anabolic and androgenic stetroid gears up the oxygenated blood into strengthening muscle tissues, body power and immunity power.
  • Testosterone cypionate helps enormously and magically in enhancing muscle gains.
  • Testosterone cypionate boosts anabolism by way of hyperplasia (formation of new muscle cells and fibers) and hypertrophy (increase in the size of the muscle cell and fiber).
  • There are many popular brands of Testosterone Cypionate available in the pharmaceutical market ranging from Depo Testosterone Cypionate, Watson Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone QV 200 and to name a few.

There is no denying about the startling effectiveness of Testosterone Cypionate. But there are potential risks associated with this anabolic steroid, though insignificant in effects, for example, gynecomastia or hair-loss. To avoid such untoward Testosterone Cypionate Side-effects, continuation of Testosterone cypionate cycle is very necessary as soon as the Testosterone replacement therapy ends because the hormonal levels might be subdued after the testosterone use. The users need also know about the proper Testosterone Cypionate Dosages and they may consult a physician in this regard, if necessary. Interested people or qualified patinets should know that the Testosterone Cypionate Price is quite affordable and within the reach of anyone.

Note that it is very necesary for users that they should complete the course of testosterone replacement therapy with its mandatory cycle.

Depo Testosterone Cypionate

Chemical Name: Testosterone Cypionate
Drug Class: Injectable Anabolic Steroid
Brand Name: Depo Testosterone
Active Ingredient: Testosterone

Depo Testosterone is an intramuscular injection and this has testosterone cypionate constituent. Depo-testosterone is oil-soluble 17 beta-cyclopentylpropionate ester of androgenic testosterone hormone. Testosterone cypionate, a white or creamy white crystalline powder, has no smell or little smell and stable or unchanging in air. Testosterone cypionate is insoluble in water but freely soluble in alcohol, chloroform, ether, dioxane and soluble in vegetable oil.

Testosterone Cypionate has the chemical name like androst-4-en-3-one, 17-(3-cyclopentyl-1-1-oxopropoxy)-, 17 beta-, and [C27 H40 O3] is the molecular formula of Testosterone cypionate when its molecular weight is 412.61.

Depo-Testosterone is found in two form of packages, 100 mg/ml and 200 mg/ml testosterone cypionate.

A 100 mg/ml testosterone cypionate contains:

Testosterone Cypionate – 100 mg
Benzyl benzoate – 0.1 ml
Benzyl alcohol (as preservative) – 9.45 mg
Cottonseed Oil – 736 mg

A 200 mg/ml testosterone cypionate contains:

Testosterone Cypionate- 200 mg
Benzyl benzoate- 0.2 ml
Benzyl alcohol (as preservative) – 9.45 mg
Cottonseed Oil – 560 mg

Arousal of Instinctive Energies- Activate Sexual Desires


As per Sigmund Freud (an Austria-born British psychoanalyst), Libido means Sexual urge or desire. Libido is a Freudian coinage and popularized by him. This psychoanalyst opines Libido is the instinct force or energy translated into sexual driving force. Voicing the similar tone, Ellenberger explains Libido as an “energy that manifests itself in the life process and is perceived subjectively as striving and desire.” Thus, we can sum up Libido as an individual’s urge to involve in Sexual activity.

“Facts of life” as Libido is considered responsible for is beyond imagination without the its involvement. This means Libido encourages breeding process. Similarly, if the world is to be peopled with, the evolutionary process of Procreation should continue. Procreation is possible only by the involvement of sexual urge or Libido, which is present in each and every species. Libido exists in almost all complex animals who indulge in sexual activity quite not often or seasonally. Conversely, for human-beings sexual activity is a year-round phenomenon apart from cultural limitations, behavioural limitations or biological limitations. So, the expression of libido is provably caused by the influences from inner elements or one’s instinctive forces.

Libido is linked to biological influences in every way. Scientists have found that those biological influences are none other than Testosterone. Both sexes of human beings indulge in having sexual activity due to the presence of Testosterone in them. So, Testosterone is undoubtedly the guiding and driving force for men and women. There is a varying difference between men and women in terms of the presence of Testosterone level. Men have much higher Testosterone level than Women. Because of the Testosterone level being higher by about 45%, men outdo women in sexual activity in general. Men show their aggressive attitude towards women in course of sexual performance, and this outperformance by men is due to the causes of higher Testosterone level in them. The picture turns disappointing when the sexual performance becomes not up-to-the-mark. The virility gets vitiated by the absence of Libido.

This ‘pity of life’ or low presence of Testosterone Level (Hypogonadism) can get a sex-life afresh and revitalized by dint of Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Clinical studies have found that TRT is very effective and congenial in improving the morose state of sex-life. Testosterone Injections or Testosterone Booster or Testosterone Cypionate results positively in increasing the lowered Libido state. Lowered Testosterone level or weak Libido when reflected on male or on female is called Andropause for male sex and Menopause for female sex.

Men differ women. This is not a new thing at all. So, how come is the point of difference being talked about? The difference points out to their differing views and differing likes-and-dislikes relating to sex-life or mode of sexual activities. Women enjoy sex-life comforted by romantic plays and pranks before having sex. They prefer romantic and playful sensations continued until their suppressed Libido surfaces, and they need this period continue longer than men whose libido bursts out into full ecstacy as soon as they come close. But pity on those who are dethroned lots from the pinnacle of ecstacy due to low Testosterone level or low libido. Low libido is no more a pitiful discouragement to full ecstacy and full sexual enjoyment as the steady clinical advancement dispels the curse by Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).