FDA Guidelines

Clinical studies have found that application of HGH Therapy is not only beneficial and effective but one will surely expect curative and optimal results from using HGH Therapy, especially by using HGH Injections if those patients undergoing HGH Therapy follow the below-mentioned guidelines:

  • Once qualified for the HGH Therapy, patients should follow only the prescribed amount of dosage of HGH or conversely Overdose may be a potential risk
  • Intake of Multiple Vitamins like Vitamin-C and Vitamin-E along with HGH may be beneficial
  • Try to have a Sound Sleep as Sleep does compel secretion of natural hormones which may prevent aging
  • Continue Physical Exercises regularly, for a while if not possible, as Exercises also enhance the secretion of hormones
  • Try to reduce Weight and keep observing during the period of HGH Therapy
  • Try to Avoid junk food and Follow the dietary chart prepared by the FDA qualified physicians
  • Do Avoid Smoking
  • Do Drink daily plenty of water
  • Aviod an exposure to the Sun as much as possible and protect the skin