Does Testosterone level play important?

Testosterone level is very important in continuing a healthy sex life. Testosterone level is more than enough in the early life. But with aging it becomes low which subsequently reflects on the libido or sexual drive. Besides the age factors, life-style and diets play another important roles in maintaining a good Testosterone level. A controlled modus vivendi and a healthy diet chart may help low Testosterone level up. They may include like the following:

* Avoid smoking.
* Avoid too much alcohol.
* Aviod junk food.
* Maintain a daily routine.
* Devote a considerable period to your family.
* Regularize physical exercises.
* Have a diet replete with vitamins and proteins.
* Wear formal dresses for a considerable period of time in a day.
* Follow a routine sex life and mating dates.
* Indulge in taking up newer ideas while arousing and mating.