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Sex Drive

Embarrassed at not being able to flesh out sexual urge and sexual strength at rosy moments? Does your libido blow shatteringly during peak hours? Or if you are on the verge of a dried up pool of Testosterone, don’t think that you are the only wretched lot in the whole world rather it is a nonsectarian phenomenon. Strong sex drive in the early stages of life shows a bull in you which gradually transforms into a bear as you age. That what wonders the most is the unsubsidized sexual urge in a great extent or in a less extent. The truth is the residual existence of Libido unto death.

But the prickly misery which pains the most is the loss of Sex Drive due to low Testosterone Level as one ages. Curse it on the low level of Testosterone. Another curiosity regarding whether the loss of sexual desire and sexual strength happens in all sexes lurks into our mind. Clinical studies have found women tend to be more averse to sex with aging than men who remain potentate up to considerably an age of sanctimony. Those researches have detected that the libido works in older women only by being romance played upon them till the spark of sexual desire is aroused. Women have been found more emotion-dependent focused to social and cultural issues as well in fleshing out the spark of Sex drive than men who have been found stronger and straightforward in the expression and arousal of sexual desire. Women’s sexual ardor declines precipitously after they have entered the stage of menopause. In the observation of Dr. Edward O. Laumann as expressed in his The Social Organization of Sexuality: Sexual Practices in the United States, “sexual desire in women is extremely sensitive to environment and context…” Here it is to be remembered that Sex is all about in mind.

Does mind control Sex Drive?

Mind controls but not the omnipotent. Mind is empowered and emboldened by the Testosterone. There is no denying that the Testosterone level is the moving factor, which unfortunately becomes less in count. But, it is also true that sex drive lies in the corners of mind which arouses the mind to tilt into the sexual urge and that finally matures into mating.

Does Testosterone level play important?

Testosterone level is very important in continuing a healthy sex life. Testosterone level is more than enough in the early life. But with aging it becomes low which subsequently reflects on the libido or sexual drive. Besides the age factors, life-style and diets play another important roles in maintaining a good Testosterone level. A controlled modus vivendi and a healthy diet chart may help low Testosterone level up. They may include like the following:

  • Avoid smoking.
  • Avoid too much alcohol.
  • Aviod junk food.
  • Maintain a daily routine.
  • Devote a considerable period to your family.
  • Regularize physical exercises.
  • Have a diet replete with vitamins and proteins.
  • Wear formal dresses for a considerable period of time in a day.
  • Follow a routine sex life and mating dates.
  • Indulge in taking up newer ideas while arousing and mating.

Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy helpful?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is more than helpful in increasing low Testosterone level. There are various TRT available in clinical circles like Testosterone Injections, Testosterone Booster and Testosterone Cypionate. All of them are effective and safe. But one need to be sure through a thorough diagnosis if one is really qualified to undergo the Testosterone Replacement Therapy.Then the qualified physician will decide accordingly which one of the three will be the right one in applying on the patient or the sufferer.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy has been proved more than a remedy in evoking the masculinity of sexual drive or the feminine sexual urges stolen by the ages and the cavalier life-style.