Libido Is Linked To Biological Influences

Libido is linked to biological influences in every way. Scientists have found that those biological influences are none other than Testosterone. Both sexes of human beings indulge in having sexual activity due to the presence of Testosterone in them. So, Testosterone is undoubtedly the guiding and driving force for men and women. There is a varying difference between men and women in terms of the presence of Testosterone level. Men have much higher Testosterone level than Women. Because of the Testosterone level being higher by about 45%, men outdo women in sexual activity in general. Men show their aggressive attitude towards women in course of sexual performance, and this outperformance by men is due to the causes of higher Testosterone level in them. The picture turns disappointing when the sexual performance becomes not up-to-the-mark. The virility gets vitiated by the absence of Libido.