Testosterone Effects To Brain

Testosterone has large expansion of effects into the making of Brain, Heart, Liver, and Lung as well as in masculinizing of the grey-area of the Brain, thereby creating distinction between sexes. A female brain has got distinguishing characteristics from a male brain. A male brain does have a more distinctive level of Testosterone than its opposite sex. A revelation made by a Danish research has said that male brain is undoubtedly larger and that has been found consisting of a total myelinated fibre length of 176000 km when that male brain is older by two decades only. On the contraty, a female brain showing a dendritic connections between cells has got a total myelinated fibre length of 149000 km.

Clinical studies as well as common notions are convinced of the fact that human brain has got multiple roles to perform in the build-up of Cognitive ability. The brain of any living-being are influenced by the Testosterone, which in every way affects the functions of memory, attention or spatial ability. Beyond doubt is the fact that decreased or low level of Testosterone secretion causes rather aggravates the miseries of cognition that results gradually into the Dementia of the Alzheimer’s kind. Again, over-secretion and under-secretion of the circulating androgens have turned causing adversely on Cognition.

Revelations of clinical studies disclose that there is curvilinear or quadratic co-relation between spatial performance and the circulation of Testosterone. A study conducted over 43 stout men after having them been administered of supraphysiologic prescribed dosages of Testosterone for consecutive 10 weeks observed no significant and immediate mood and behavioural changes. Again, intensive studies have yet not been able to confirm that there are any far-reaching impacts on improving Alzheimer disease by the administration of Testosterone.