Side-Effects of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

As the effects of Testosterone Replacement Therapy are believed to be congenial to the sufferers and have shown well-being signs on the postures and gestures recovering their lost fettles, it has also displayed a number of contraindications. So, sufferers should be aware of potential side-effects of Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Still, there is no denying that Testosterone Replacement Therapy with Testosterone Injections or Testosterone Cypionate or Testosterone Booster is more than safe and secure purging out restraint contraindications like the following:

  • May aggravate the sufferings of fluid retention.
  • May aggravate the sufferings from frequent urination or enlargement of prostate tissues.
  • May cause oily facial skin and acne.
  • May show the size of testes decreasing.
  • May cause breast broadening.